If I sign up for an Investor Nitro real estate investor website, what all comes in my package?

When you sign up with Investor Nitro, your membership benefits include resources for real estate investors depending on your package. Every package includes a real estate investor template, webpage content, secure web hosting, schema markup, domain setup support, live chat and email support, and lead form tracking. Depending on the plan, you’ll also have access to phone support, a review generation system, directory syndication, additional pages, and lead generation success calls every quarter to improve your marketing strategy.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract that says you must keep your Investor Nitro monthly website subscription for a minimum amount of time, and you are free to cancel at any time by contacting support. 

Do I need a domain name before I get started?

No, but it is recommended in order to have your website live as quickly as possible for our team.

I don’t have a company logo. Can I order one from you?

Yes, a business logo can be commissioned for a $200 one-time fee. Our designers will work with your vision with two rounds of revisions to get the logo design you want.

What if I need help setting up my website? 

Our support team is here and ready to help with any questions or concerns about your new site.

Is there a setup fee for my website?

No. Once you pick a package, that is a recurring monthly charge which includes setup of your website, hosting, domain setup support, and chat support.

Does the monthly cost include hosting?

Yes! Hosting is secure and included with your package.

Do you search engine optimize my website for me?

Yes. Each Investor Nitro template includes a schema markup for search engine visibility, and seo-rich content that helps major search engines understand that your website is the right place for homeowners looking to sell.

What if my company doesn’t fit the provided content?

If your business doesn’t fit the provided content, you are more than welcome to edit it. For a one-time fee of $200, we can order customized webpage content that is unique to your business. 

For the advanced package, what is directory syndication?

Digital Directory Syndication means cleaning up your business’s listings for up to 80 online directories 

Can I move my current website over to Investor Nitro?

While you can keep your domain, the design will be updated to your choice of Investor Nitro Real Estate Website template. 

Can I edit this site?

Yes, you can edit the website yourself.

If you would like our team to handle the revisions, each website plan has the opportunity for revisions that we will implement as per your instructions. Depending on which Investor Nitro package, the revisions could be unlimited. 

What if I only want a landing page and not an entire 5-page website?

Whether you think you need a real estate investor website or a landing page to collect lead information, Investor Nitro can help. We offer landing pages subscriptions for $75 a month, or 3 landing pages for $150 a month.

Will I own my real estate investor website?

No. Your real estate investor template design is active for as long as you keep your InvestorNitro subscription active. Consider contacting us about a custom-built website, which will include unique content 

What if I find out your website isn’t what I want, can I cancel easily?

We hate to see you go. If you find out Investor Nitro sites aren’t for you, consider contacting us about a custom-built website. To cancel your monthly subscription to your template website, simply contact us and let us know you’d like to discontinue your subscription. Your website will be active until the end of the month that you cancel within.

Can I have a video on my website?

Absolutely! In every template design, there is room to add a video about your business or of a customer testimonial. In fact, we encourage each Investor Nitro member to use video with their marketing strategy in order to increase trust with the viewer. 

Do you drive traffic to my website for me?

We can. Becoming an Investor Nitro member includes an introductory 1-on-1 strategy call

Do you have a way for sellers to find you online?
Is your current website designed to convert leads?